Welcome to WAVE!

Welcome to the Wyoming Activation of Volunteers in Emergencies (WAVE) System! This system is a secure online registration system for medical and non-medical volunteers. WAVE is part of a federal effort to coordinate and assemble volunteers for all types of emergencies. In order to provide Wyoming citizens a timely and effective disaster or community response, volunteers need to be organized, verified, and ready to mobilize. Whether you are a healthcare provider, administrative specialist, a retired professional - anyone ready to help in your community - Wyoming needs you.

The online registration includes questions about basic personal information and professional skills. Volunteers have the ability to decide travel distance and length of deployment. Based on the information provided, local volunteer leaders will identify and contact those individuals suited to fill the specific volunteer roles needed in an emergency. Once contacted, volunteers will be given information about where they are needed, the duties they will perform, and the option to accept or decline the opportunity.

Thank you for helping Wyoming prepare!